Francis + Elda: Rock Show Same Day Edit by Pat Dy April 13, 2012

Not sure if it’s a coincidence but it’s nice for Pat to choose an Irish band (Snow Patrol) for an Ireland based couple like us. 😀 Can’t wait to see the actual wedding photos!


Too Cute! April 6, 2012

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Prenup and Wedding Videos by Bob Nicolas March 16, 2012

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The prenup and wedding videos are finally here.

Now that the wedding is over and to thank all those followers of soon2bebride, here’s my gift to you – the prenup video made by the best wedding cinematographer – Bob Nicolas. Enjoy!

Francis and Elda / Teaser AVP from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.

And since I’m soon2bebride NO more, it’s very nice to relieve the moments of the wedding. Please also checkout our wedding SDE video:

Francis and Elda from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.


Fashion Prenup by Pat Dy December 11, 2011

At last, our prenup pics are now out!!! We had the shoot last October 17 when we were in Manila for the wedding preps. Location was in A11 furniture gallery in Pasay City. I was amazed when I saw the pics. I can’t believe how good the shots were. Pat Dy is simply the best! Check out the pics and see for yourself.

Photographer: Pat Dy
HMUA: Lindsay Co-Alog and Rexie Navarro
Stylist: Donna Cuna Pita
Location: A11 Gallery, Pasay City, Philippines

Thank you to all our prenup team!!!!!

More pics here: Francis’ blog


In Search for the Wedding Rings October 12, 2011

Hong Kong Edition

Since our flight to Manila was via HK, Sengki and I decided to stay in HK for a few days to find our rings. Bam, Sengki’s sister also came along with us.

Night 1: The Search begins

Found a few options but they did not have my size and they can’t resize the ring. They said my fingers are too small 😦

Day 1: Can’t find the rings so we’ve decided to tour around HK instead

@ the Shatin 10,000 Buddhas Monastary

Night 2: Found my ring, yey! They still did not have my size but they can do the resizing and engraving within a day.

Day 2: While waiting for the ring to be finished, we’ve walked down the street to view the famous HK harbor and skyline.

After a long walk, we were so tired that we just have to sit down and have a taste of their delicious food:D

@Crystal Jade Restaurant

Night 3: A few hours before our flight, at last it’s done!

Happy that we have one item out of our checklist.

P.S. Sengki still was not able to find his ring. We’ll find it some place else and maybe that’s another story to tell :D.


10 Steps to Make your own DIY Prenup Photos September 11, 2011

Step 1. Find someone who will take your pictures.

It can be a friend or a colleague who loves photography. It shouldn’t be hard to find these days where everyone already owns a DSLR. I am lucky to have this one off my list 😀

Step 2. Think of a Concept/Theme/Location for your Photoshoot

Think of something that both of you like. It could be a common hobby or interest. It could be a specific style (vintage, sporty, edgy, etc). In our case, we don’t have any specific theme in mind. We just wanted to showcase Ireland – the change in seasons, the different mountains and beaches, the never ending green grasses.

Step 3. Shop for your outfit 😀

Once you have your concept settled, its now time to get your clothes and accessories that you will wear for the shoot.

Step 4. Have your camera equipments ready

Wanting to have different picture styles for your photo shoot actually requires different equipments. Sengki actually made his own diffuser made out of paper for our indoor, studio type shot.

He used the white cardboard for the Macro shots for the engagement ring. The stains from the strawberries are actually visible from the pic :D.

Step 5. Get ready for the shoot
If you need to go to the gym or have your beauty regime done before the shoot, plan ahead of the scheduled shoot date. Sengki had his workout minutes before we left for the shoot 😀

Step 6. Have your Hair and Make-up done
We actually had our first shoot with no make-up on. The pictures looked nice but there something missing from it. We then realized that having nice hair and makeup on during the shoot, can actually improve the overall image impact. Also, have your hair and make-up in line with your photoshoot theme.

Step 7. Take the Shot and Smile for the CAM!!!!!
After finishing the steps above, you can now have your photoshoot! yey!

Step 8: Post-Process
Make all the necessary post-processing needed for your photos. Effects, picture styles and layout can help make your photos look better.

Step 9. Share the love – Upload, Blog, Print
Upload your photos in FB/twitter or any other social networking site that you like. Post it in your blog if you have one. Have your photos printed and you can have it displayed on your wedding for family and friends to enjoy. You can also make it into a magazine or book which you can still enjoy years after the wedding.

Step 10. Enjoy your own DIY prenup photos 😀
Sit back, Relax and Enjoy.

If you have not seen our DIY Engagement Photos yet, please do visit for the full set 😀


Playing With Mood Boards September 9, 2011

1) Blush Peach

2) Peach White

3) Glitz Bling

4) Wooden Pastel

5) Candy

6) Vintage

To make your own inspiration (mood) board, go to 😀


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