In Search for the Wedding Rings October 12, 2011

Hong Kong Edition

Since our flight to Manila was via HK, Sengki and I decided to stay in HK for a few days to find our rings. Bam, Sengki’s sister also came along with us.

Night 1: The Search begins

Found a few options but they did not have my size and they can’t resize the ring. They said my fingers are too small 😦

Day 1: Can’t find the rings so we’ve decided to tour around HK instead

@ the Shatin 10,000 Buddhas Monastary

Night 2: Found my ring, yey! They still did not have my size but they can do the resizing and engraving within a day.

Day 2: While waiting for the ring to be finished, we’ve walked down the street to view the famous HK harbor and skyline.

After a long walk, we were so tired that we just have to sit down and have a taste of their delicious food:D

@Crystal Jade Restaurant

Night 3: A few hours before our flight, at last it’s done!

Happy that we have one item out of our checklist.

P.S. Sengki still was not able to find his ring. We’ll find it some place else and maybe that’s another story to tell :D.


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