Francis + Elda: Rock Show Same Day Edit by Pat Dy April 13, 2012

Not sure if it’s a coincidence but it’s nice for Pat to choose an Irish band (Snow Patrol) for an Ireland based couple like us. 😀 Can’t wait to see the actual wedding photos!


Prenup and Wedding Videos by Bob Nicolas March 16, 2012

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The prenup and wedding videos are finally here.

Now that the wedding is over and to thank all those followers of soon2bebride, here’s my gift to you – the prenup video made by the best wedding cinematographer – Bob Nicolas. Enjoy!

Francis and Elda / Teaser AVP from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.

And since I’m soon2bebride NO more, it’s very nice to relieve the moments of the wedding. Please also checkout our wedding SDE video:

Francis and Elda from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.


Fairies and Princesses June 4, 2011

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On one of the video conversation sessions I had with my sister and her daughters

ME: Girls, what color of flower girl dress do you want to wear for my wedding?
Niece 1: Pink!, like a princess!
Niece 2: Rainbow color, like a fairy!
Niece 3: Ee i ee i oh! (from the “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” song, she’s just 1 so that’s all she wants to say for now)

So I thought why not make their wishes come true or at least make them feel like real princesses or fairies during my wedding. I found these pretty tutu dresses while browsing for flower girl dress designs. My nieces love tutus. They even wear tutus at home! So why not have them wear Tutus for my wedding!

I think they all look too cute on their tutu dresses! I’m excited to see my flower girls on their tutus!


The Wedding Cinematographer May 2, 2011

For the videographer, Sengki and I were both involved in deciding which supplier to choose. I pre-screened all the available options and showed Sengki the Top 5 videographers that I liked. Sengki had no clue on the names, he just have to choose which videos he liked most. In the end, I was surprised that we had the same choice.

Wedding cinematographer, Mr. Bob Nicolas

And although some people are suggesting to us other popular videographers, it was Bob who really impressed us with his work. Here are some samples of Bob Nicolas’ wedding videos (Make sure to watch it with HD on and in Fullscreen mode):

Carlo and Cat from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.

Rapha and Anielle from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.

I love how Bob was able to capture the beauty of San Agustin Church in this next video.

Chris and Elaine from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.

In this next video, you can also see our photographer, Pat Dy, in action.

Boggs and Liza from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.

I was also impressed by Bob’s Save-the-date (prenup) video:

Adrian and Cristina: MTV from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.

Sengki, can you sing and dance for me too? 🙂 Please????? haha!

Bob, l super love your editing style! I am always in Vimeo watching your videos. I am already excited for our save-the-date and wedding video.


Meet the Other Photographer April 25, 2011

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As everyone knows, Sengki and I are both photo addicts. So it would not be hard to guess which among the suppliers we booked first – The Wedding Photographer! Of course!

For the photographer, I’ve decided to let Sengki choose the best one for us. Being a photographer himself, it was not easy to please him. I’ve showed him tons of sample pictures from professional wedding photographers and he would always say to me “I can do that myself” or worse “I can take better pictures than that guy!”. He would often comment that if only he could take pictures of himself during the wedding, he would do it. haha! Poor Sengki! After a few weeks of searching in the internet, we finally found someone that impressed him :-).

Top photographer, MR. PAT DY

I don’t need any further introductions for this guy. I’ll let his pictures do all the talking.

*All photos were taken from

Being a fashion photographer, Pat Dy is also best known for his fashion prenups, which looks like it was all taken for a magazine shoot.

Pat Dy, I am already a fan. I can’t wait for you to take our prenup and wedding pictures!!! Visit Pat Dy Photography Facebook page for more pics.


Easter Goodies April 23, 2011

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A lot of people are already asking us about our wedding plans, so I finally decide to have a wedding blog. Yey! This is for all of you (loved ones) who are just excited as we are.

Here are some Easter goodies (sneak peak of our big day) for everyone. Happy Easter!!!!

The Church: San Agustin Church, Intramuros, Manila

*Image Source: Asia’s World

Since Sengki and I were both away from home, we asked our dear parents to go and check out different churches for us. Sengki wanted an old church while I have only one condition, a long aisle to walk on :-). Having that in mind, there’s just one church that all 4 of our parents had agreed on and that’s San Agustin Church. I love the church’s ceiling. It reminds me of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Photo taken by Sengki on our last trip to Rome with my parents.

The Reception: Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel

*Image Source: Philippines Travel Guide

*Image Source: Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Choosing a place for the reception was not an easy decision at all. First of all, most hotels in Manila or Makati area were already fully booked by the time we inquired. They told us that we should have planned our wedding 14 months before. What? I thought I was planning early. Another dilemma was to choose between two hotels that we really liked. I would not mention the other hotel here but what attracted us most to Sofitel is the seaside view. Imagine having Manila Bay sunset as your backdrop for your photos :). Gorgeous! Anyway, we were lucky to got an opening at Sofitel and we were able to book. Thanks to Tita Susan and Tito Boots for sorting this out!

I’ll be posting more info soon. Watch out!


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